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We are based in Bratislava, Slovakia, a few steps away from the main train station close to the city center, however, we can meet us also in Vienna, Budapest or any other European country.

Billing information

Altamira Softworks, s. r. o.
Jaskový rad 187
831 01 Bratislava
ID No: 44880774
VAT ID: SK2022861368

The company is registered in the Companies Register of District Court Bratislava I, section Sro, insert no. 59592/B.

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Môžete nám tiež kedykoľvek zavolať na +421 948 310 882 alebo poslať správu cez Whatsapp. Čo najskôr sa s vami skontaktujeme.

Our team is happy with the quality of work that has been delivered. It is very robust, and the code normally works without us having to test too much. The unit tests are being done by them, and once it gets delivered, it’s usually very solid. There are always a couple of bugs, but I feel they are within very tolerable limits. Overall, we are happy with the quality they deliver.

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